Routine Pediatric Care

Please try to schedule these well-child visits when your child is well! A sick child is often not cooperative, and we only do shots when a child is well. Please call several days or weeks in advance for a well-child checkup. We are very busy with school physicals during June, July, and August. 4-5 days:


We support breastfeeding enthusiastically! Breast milk is the best nutrition for your baby, and the encounter between mother and baby at nursing time is emotionally satisfying to both. In our opinion, most newborns, if stable, can be placed directly on the breast after delivery and given no supplement. Breast milk usually comes in three to

Developmental Milestones 2 wks-18 mos

The first few months of your newborn’s life are often difficult.  First time parents especially are adjusting to the shock!  Remember that at about six weeks, a routine begins to emerge.  Until then, just try to rest during the day when possible and call upon friends and family for help. Let our handouts guide you though your

Immunization Schedule 0-6 yrs

Always know what vaccines are recommended and when to see your pediatrician with this downloadable schedule. For children from birth through age 6. We recommend taking a look at our our vaccination policy as well. Easy-to-Read Schedule for Children, Birth through 6 Years

Vaccine Policy

Our pediatricians believe in the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Our practice follows the regular immunization schedule recommended by the CDC. We understand you want what is best for your child and so do we. We know that you are bombarded by conflicting information on vaccine safety. We can help you get the information you

Starting Solids

Infants are typically ready for solids around four months old, when they have good head and neck control and can sit up with support. Aside from talking to a pediatrician, here are several resources that will help kick off the occasion.