Bottle Feeding

bottle_feeding500x500Most babies tolerate a formula based on cow’s milk. We suggest Similac Advance or Enfamil Lipil. These are iron-­‐ containing formulas. The iron is important and does not cause constipation. If your baby has an allergy, this will become clear over the first couple of weeks, and we may suggest a formula based on soy or an even more elemental formula.

Suggestions for bottle-­‐feeding:

1. Babies who have breastfed sometimes prefer Avent bottles and nipples.

2. If you have city water, you do not have to boil the water first. If you have well water, please boil it to sterilize for three months. If you use bottled water, make sure it has added fluoride.

3. Clean the nipple and bottle with hot soapy water after each feed. Boiling is not necessary, but you need to clean the nipples by hand to get in all the crevices.

4. Powdered formulas are less expensive due to less waste. Always add the exact amount of water as per the instructions. Never dilute formula!!!

5. Most babies drink two to four ounces every three to four hours initially.

6. Never prop your baby’s bottle and keep him upright while feeding.

7. Do not put your baby in bed with a bottle of formula or juice. This often becomes a bad habit, which can lead to tooth decay.

8. We do not recommend cereal until at least four months of age, and we do not suggest adding cereal to a bottle.

9. Water may be given in small amounts once or twice a day for hiccups.

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