bathing500x500We suggest bathing your infant every two to three days with baby soap or Dove soap and water.  He should have a sponge bath until the cord falls off at two to four weeks of age. After the cord falls off, he may have a bath, which submerges the belly button.  The cord should be cleaned several times per day with rubbing alcohol.  Fold the diaper back so the cord gets air and is not irritated by the diaper. Sometimes there is a little blood when the cord falls off. Clean the ears with a washcloth. A little water in the ear canal is fine.  Nails should probably be filed until the nails are not so thin.

The circumcision of the male infant can be gently cleaned with water and soap.  Keep the site well lubricated with Vaseline until it is completely healed.  We don’t want it to stick to the diaper when it is still healing!

The female infant’s genitalia should also be cleansed gently with soap and water.  Spread the labia apart to remove vaginal secretions and stool. Infant girls often have a white vaginal discharge initially and sometimes have a blood-­‐tinged discharge.

DO NOT EVER leave your infant alone in the water, even for a moment. Turn down your water heater thermostat to 120-­‐130 degrees to avoid accidental scalding injuries.

Prenatal Packet