Developmental Milestones 2-3 yrs

child-milestones-postFind out when to expect your toddler to begin experimenting with different foods, showing some independence, stacking blocks, feeding himself, drawing and coloring, asking questions, pedaling a tricycle, etc.

Kicks a ball and can throw it overhand. Walks up stairs and backwards. Stacks 2-3 blocks. Removes some clothing. Independently feeds himself. Combines 2-3 words and names objects. Tells first name.

    Our toilet training handout is given to parents at the two year check up.

Throws a ball overhand. Pedals a tricycle. Builds a tower of blocks, knows full name, age and sex. Learns to share and takes turns. Jumps in place. Alternates feet ascending stairs. Draws a circle and a cross. Asks what, where and why questions. Plays chase and make-believe.

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