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Bottle Feeding

Most babies tolerate a formula based on cow’s milk. We suggest Similac Advance or Enfamil Lipil. These are iron-­‐ containing formulas. The iron is important and does not cause constipation. If your baby has an allergy, this will become clear over the first couple of weeks, and we may suggest a formula based on soy


Website and book recommendations for developing nutritional eating habits.


Helpful links to guide your child through puberty and the changes they might encounter during adolescence.

Developmental Milestones 2 wks-18 mos

The first few months of your newborn’s life are often difficult.  First time parents especially are adjusting to the shock!  Remember that at about six weeks, a routine begins to emerge.  Until then, just try to rest during the day when possible and call upon friends and family for help. Let our handouts guide you though your

Developmental Milestones 2-3 yrs

Find out when to expect your toddler to begin experimenting with different foods, showing some independence, stacking blocks, feeding himself, drawing and coloring, asking questions, pedaling a tricycle, etc.

Immunization Schedule 0-6 yrs

Always know what vaccines are recommended and when to see your pediatrician with this downloadable schedule. For children from birth through age 6. We recommend taking a look at our our vaccination policy as well.